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    We Create Live, Immersive Game Experiences
    for Powerful Brand Activations

When mega brands like Sony, Warner Bros., Hearst, Jack Daniel’s, and Unilever need to take their experiential marketing to the next level, they turn to the creative minds at IAG.


Because our company was literally born out of the need for better:  better creative thinking, better consumer engagement, better marketing results.  The “spray and pray” approach of applying the latest experiential tools and hoping they’d work simply because they were trendy wasn’t good enough.  

It was time to up the activation ante.  It was time for a true Game Reward Framework.

This is IAG’s scientific approach to gamification.  Designed specifically to maximize social capital and brand affinity, it’s deeply ingrained in everything we do for our clients.

Our team has been carefully selected to create an architecture around the best forward-thinking talent in the activation game.  Professional marketers.  Renowned technologists.  Tapped-in sociologists.  A-list Broadway and Hollywood set designers.  Acclaimed game designers.  Theatrical masterminds.


Decades of experience have taught us that there’s no more productive way to offer effective solutions than by becoming a full-fledged member of your marketing team.  We adapt to your processes, collaborate with your partners, and build programs tailored to your individual brand and business.  

What do we mean by this?

  • What we do:  We gain a deep understanding of your objectives and brand identity to create a highly-immersive experience that generates extensive social capital and emphasizes your unique brand characteristics. 
  • How you’ll benefit:  Amplified, sustained brand affinity and highly-resonant reach.

A user experience that incorporated puzzle and problem-solving challenges both enabled us to keep the spirit of the plot lines while at the same time gave us the opportunity to feature some newer Sony technology.” 

– Steven Fuld, SVP Corporate Marketing, Sony

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